NARICONTM : Staple fiber with material basis in nature, forsythia


  • Feature
  • Eliminates offensive odors and toxic
  •  substances by active absorption.
  • Removes hydrogen sulfide and ammonium
  •   ion.
  • Creates an air layer to provide superior
  •  thermal insulation and helps blood
  •  circulation in human bodies.
  • Has excellent wicking capabilities to
  •  dehydrate and absorb moisture rapidly.
  • Has outstanding softness, resilience,
  •  recovery and bulkiness (30% greater
  •  compared with ordinary micro polyester
  •  fiber)
  • Provides scent of flowers naturally as the
  •  raw material is impregnated with forsythia
  • Applications
  • Forsythia is a beautiful bright yellow colored flower considered as one of the fundamental
  • herbs in the Oriental herbology and was featured in the movie Contagion as a possible
  • cure for a deadly disease.