• Down-Nara to become a company expanding past the 22nd century and create global CEOs within. : Investments in labor and training exceptional employees
  • Financial support in terms of scholarships to outstanding students around the world and contribute in educating industry professionals –Ultimate goal to be achieved to support the government : Establishment of university foundation

"Five Dreams of Down-Nara" - CEO

  • Down-Nara to become a multi-billion dollar corporate : Job creations
  • Free physical and psychological examinations against elementary school kids : Contribute in maintaining a healthy society –healing camp project
  • Tax benefits for married couples : Free physical/psychological examinations –healing camp project
  • Search & support 3rd world scholars for national development : Establish scholar foundation
    #2&3 – Related to company development, #4&5 – Related to national development
  • Establish Historical foundation (College) : In relation to #4